Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The class is over

The class in now on its finals days and to be honest i actually ended up liking the class. At first i thought all of the work seemed like to much and i didn't want to do it. The blogs got easier to do and the journals really weren't all that bad. All of the essays were just open enough so that we could write about something we cared about but structured enough so we knew what to do. I liked most of the class activity even though i remained silent through most.

I really learned a lot from the class and i have felt like i have matured in my writing. I don't think it was strictly the essays that made me a better writer i think it was the blogs and the journals. The journals really made me think and was hard at first to make my ideas come out on paper.

I was reading my journal to add some length to some and what i realized was i had some pretty terrible responses. I made weak arguments and it seemed to come from laziness.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This year i am not sure where the family and i are going for vacation. Talks of europe, east coast, mexico and new Zealand has came up. Im down for any but i think i would prefer to go to new Zealand. When my dad was twenty he randomly moved there and started working illegally. He still has friends there and knows Auckland well. I think it would be the best place to go for natural beauty and city.

Europe would also be cool because we would do more than one country. We might go to uk, france and germany. Another thing that would be cool is i would be able to visit my friend brian while he is stationed in Germany. I can stay with him for ten dollars a night so that would be pretty cheap.

im down to go anywhere i just like to go new places

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The semester is coming to an end

the semester is almost over and it has taken its toll on me. MY anxiety has been really bad and i seem to be sick every other day. Now that it is coming to a close i am pretty excited. I will have my life back. I will be able to do whatever i want when i want. I did enjoy some of the semester but overall it was a lot of work that i wasn't prepared for. Hopefully i will do good in all of my classes. It weird though because the class that i thought was going to be my easy class (portrait drawing) ended up being my hardest and most stressful class. I did not enjoy it at all and that was the whole reason i took the class. to relax and not have to think too hard.

I hope this summer is really good because i need to refresh my mind before next semester.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


When i first moved to Camino from the bay area i hated this place. It was in the boonies and there was nothing to do. walking places was hard because everything was spread out and there was nothing really to walk to. Since i hated this place so much i spent most of my time in sac with friends that i knew that lived there. I would talk so much shit on how this place was such a shitty town and that it was boring.

Now i am realizing this place is full of hidden gems and natural beauty. I have explored this town now and have found reservoirs lakes and other cool places. I have explored the abandon part of the mill finding cool places to take pictured and weird places just to mess around.

I have just come to realized that this places is nice and i can really call it home. Its funny that i only see this now when I am getting ready to leave. Camino has grown on me and now i know that i will miss it once i leave.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So my friend brian left for the air force about a year ago and now he is home for a month. He just graduated school and is a weather guy i guess haha and shes stoked... But anyways, last time he came into town me and all of my friends turned into alcoholics and we all felt really sick after he finally left. This dude is a party monster.

After this he leave for Germany for 2 years so i guess that will give my liver a break.

I dont think i would ever going the military. actually i know i wouldn't. IT cool if other people want to but i really dont think i would last or even want anything to do with it.

but living in another country would be cool

Monday, April 6, 2009

Family events

Over the weekend i have decided that family events like birthdays and reunions are really awkward. Small talk and pretending to care what is going on in other peoples lives is aggravating and weird. There are always clicks of close parts of the family that st next to each other and ignore the people they do not know well. I do not like them at all but i do see reasons to have them. Keeping the family together can be fun and staying in touch with other parts of the family is a nice thing to do.

The whole time at the party me and my cousin just threw the football around and ate. We didn't really talk to anyone. I wish i would have gotten to know people. Its good to know a lot of people for selfish reasons. like if they live in a cool play i could ask to stay for a night or if they are a mechanic they could fix my car for cheap. But i guess that is kinda using them.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Most of my friends goobers. I have a band and my little friend Cam is a huge goober. He took one of our bands stencils and made a shirt and tried selling them. We haven't been to the studio yet so we have no music and we are not playing any shows till the summer. It is cool that he likes us a lot and stuff but its getting really ridiculous.

My friend Dan is another goober. He wheres huge shoes. He gets drunk an turns into a dinosaur and decides to hit everyone. He gets sweaty and touches us... haha its weird. He passes out and wakes up with anything you can think of being done to him like getting cheezebutted.

Even though all of my friends are goobers i think that is why i love them

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What are you talking about Willis?

The sears tower was the tallest building on earth for twenty six years. It is an icon for Chicago and the united states the birth place of the modern skyscraper. Now they are change the name of it to the Willis tower.The reason it is being renamed is for the new tenant that is an insurance broker based in London (yes, one of the great American icons will be named after a foreign company...lovely)They will be occupy most of the building and will have rights to the observation deck.

To me this is really lame. I do not think that the name should be changed and i do not think it can be changed now...well changed but not changed to people. When people think of the sears tower they get the image of the gigantic one hundred and ten story black steel building. It is engraved in my head the beauty and bruteness of the building. I feel that nobody will call it the Willis building yes they can change the name on it but they cannot change how people talk. It is our country tallest building and changing it's name is disrespectful.

But, their is no stopping it now :(

the Willis tower is the name

full story

Thursday, February 26, 2009

hopefully a good weekend

This weekend im heading to the bay to hang out with some friends. I work until one on saturday then im heading down. My first stop is i am picking up my best friend since second grade nick. He lives out in sac so hes on the way.

Next we are heading out to berkley to see a show at gilman hang out with all of my friends there. The show is going to ceremony, cruel hand, skin like iron, and a couple others. Its going to pretty fun because all my bay friends and sac friends all get together and hang out.

After the show nick and I heading across the bridge into sf to stay with my friend kayla in her doorm and hang out. The next morning were probaly just going to head over to the mission distric and hang out until the next show starts.

The show on sunday starts at one pm and is a part of the noise pop fest. The noise pop fest is a mix of noise pop music (and shows), Indie movies, small lable clothing companies and art. Its about a week and a half long with events each night. Its going to be rad.

Then either sunday night or monday morning i am going to head home and go to school. So on monday when i come to class i am going to be pretty gnar so hopefully i recover by the time english starts :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The other night i was drving back from Berkley when i got a call from my Dad. He told me their is no way i could make it home. I was already disgusting from not being able to shower when i was staying with friends in the bay and now i was looking at another night of dirtyness. I decided it would be best to stay with my sister in Camerone Park and jsut go to school in the morning from there. I woke up early went to class dirty and tired from a night spent on a couch. Luckly it was a short day because my english class was cancelled even though i was pretty bummed to miss it :). I drive towards home and decide that i am going to try to make it up my hill. Snow is covering my road along with ice and slush. My little 88 volvo was not having it. I turned around and parked at the gas station a half mile from my house. I start walking home and it starts snowing on me, Nervous drivers come close hitting me and i am damp, dirty and tired. It was not a good day.
That night it snows even more and my car is stuck at the gas station. I am stranded. Another day passes more snow but the road is clear. I run to my car and get out of town.

I cannot stand the snow. It chains me to my house making me a prisoner. Yes it is fun to play in but it is really in covinent and my car also dosent like it. I just wish i lived a little further down so that i could viste the snow not live in it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

no focus

This is my second semester in college and so far it has been...pretty boring. I am taking four classes and almost all of them have reading in text books. One of the things that i never enjoyed was reading text books. I would rather be reading novels. Novels i can actually get into they keep my attention with interesting things happening every page. In my history text book it is dull after dull and i cannnot read it. Halfway down the page I realize that i have no idea what i have just read. I re read and re read hour on end trying to understad what it is trying to say with no avail. It is depressing that most of my homework is involving text books...but i guess i have to get used to that if im going last in college.

I dont know why but i cannot pay attention to anything lately,well, my whole life. I cannot listen to a lecure without day dreaming or doodling. I want to take notes and pay attention but my brain refuses and I have to work even harder when i get home to do well in the class. In my history class today I drew about 8 city blocks full of little buldings, people, cars, stop signs and everything. Some of my notes were earased to allow more room for the street. I dont know how i can put so much effort into something that will benifit me in no way when i have something that will benefit me going on at the same time.

I think i just need to focus more.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The homeless heros

Lately i have been making lots of stencils and doing a lot of spray painting...not on anything like buildings...like skateboards. One of my friends that is in a band asked me if i would make a stencil for his band. I said sure why not. So i made it, it said "in clear sight" the bands name and the face of the guitarist lester in the center. I was going to give him the stencil sunday at his show at the branch street house in del paso heights. However, saturday me and a couple of my friends decided to take light rail downtown and get some food. Me, very proud of my stencil, decided to bring it and a can of spray paint. We walk around and got some food at Fanny Anns in old sac (my favorite spots to get a jiffy burger with jalepanos...penut butter, hamburger and jalepanos. Thats my jam) ...anyways we decide to walk off the huge meal down by the river.

We get down there and nobody is there except a few homeless and some tourists. I get a smile on my face and pull out the paint and the stencil. The wall is perfect; white, big and easy to see if on the path. I tape the stencil to the wall, hand the paint to my friend Chris and he gets the job done. All of a sudden we hear a voice from above. It is a homeless man and he asks "are you tagging down there,"we yell up "yes", then he says "i know you are tagging i can smell the paint" and we said "yes, yes we are" with smiles, that lasted for a for a while back and forth. Thinking hey this is a bum, who cares hes not going to do anything, we start to pack up the stencil and paint into my back pack. He started yelling again and we tell him the stencil is a picture of jesus, we thought that old people like religion so hey its worth a shot. Him and all of his other homeless friends (four of them, 3 boys 1 girl) yell down "fuck your religion". We all laughed and were like lets get out of here before we get shanked by a heroine needle. We start walking away and one of the homeless guys tell another to go get a cop. My friend melissa got scared and split back towards old sac along with my friend nick and alex not far behind. My friend Chris josh and I were the only ones left and the homeless started to come after us to hold us till the police arrived.

We had no intention of sticking around for that. So we started walking down the path with one of the bums with a bike trying to cut us off and the others trying to catch us. I ditched the stencil and paint into the river and washed off my hands. We ended up being in a really sketch area with no roads around. We finaly see a road that looks like a freeway on ramp by the I street bridge we take that as our excape and run onto it and totally ditch the bums. We call up our comrads and make a rendezvou point under I5 in the tunnel. My friend says that there are cops down by where we were; talking to the homeless heros :)

We decided there is too many cops in old sac so we changed the gathering point to j street. James bond style we end up in some parking garage and see nick and alex(the guys who split off with melissa) and we walk out onto J. With adrenaline and fear we all walk and start heading towards k street mall to find Melissa. We run into some chill people asking for change. They told us they just got out of jail and want to buy wisky and ciggarettes so we gave them the metal in our pockets and since they were so nice and truthfull we took a picture with them. They were not homeless heros just homeless and lovely and chillen.

pictures by melissa

See its not even that big :(

nick and alexs running away

from left to right: chris me nick and alex

bum couple  fresh out of jail

the cool homeless :D