Thursday, February 26, 2009

hopefully a good weekend

This weekend im heading to the bay to hang out with some friends. I work until one on saturday then im heading down. My first stop is i am picking up my best friend since second grade nick. He lives out in sac so hes on the way.

Next we are heading out to berkley to see a show at gilman hang out with all of my friends there. The show is going to ceremony, cruel hand, skin like iron, and a couple others. Its going to pretty fun because all my bay friends and sac friends all get together and hang out.

After the show nick and I heading across the bridge into sf to stay with my friend kayla in her doorm and hang out. The next morning were probaly just going to head over to the mission distric and hang out until the next show starts.

The show on sunday starts at one pm and is a part of the noise pop fest. The noise pop fest is a mix of noise pop music (and shows), Indie movies, small lable clothing companies and art. Its about a week and a half long with events each night. Its going to be rad.

Then either sunday night or monday morning i am going to head home and go to school. So on monday when i come to class i am going to be pretty gnar so hopefully i recover by the time english starts :D

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  1. I think that is great that you have a friend you have known since second grade. Not a lot of people hold on to friends that long. I have a good friend that I met the first day of kindergarten. It's special to know someone for that long because they have really seen you through all the stages of your life thus far.