Friday, January 23, 2009

The homeless heros

Lately i have been making lots of stencils and doing a lot of spray painting...not on anything like skateboards. One of my friends that is in a band asked me if i would make a stencil for his band. I said sure why not. So i made it, it said "in clear sight" the bands name and the face of the guitarist lester in the center. I was going to give him the stencil sunday at his show at the branch street house in del paso heights. However, saturday me and a couple of my friends decided to take light rail downtown and get some food. Me, very proud of my stencil, decided to bring it and a can of spray paint. We walk around and got some food at Fanny Anns in old sac (my favorite spots to get a jiffy burger with jalepanos...penut butter, hamburger and jalepanos. Thats my jam) ...anyways we decide to walk off the huge meal down by the river.

We get down there and nobody is there except a few homeless and some tourists. I get a smile on my face and pull out the paint and the stencil. The wall is perfect; white, big and easy to see if on the path. I tape the stencil to the wall, hand the paint to my friend Chris and he gets the job done. All of a sudden we hear a voice from above. It is a homeless man and he asks "are you tagging down there,"we yell up "yes", then he says "i know you are tagging i can smell the paint" and we said "yes, yes we are" with smiles, that lasted for a for a while back and forth. Thinking hey this is a bum, who cares hes not going to do anything, we start to pack up the stencil and paint into my back pack. He started yelling again and we tell him the stencil is a picture of jesus, we thought that old people like religion so hey its worth a shot. Him and all of his other homeless friends (four of them, 3 boys 1 girl) yell down "fuck your religion". We all laughed and were like lets get out of here before we get shanked by a heroine needle. We start walking away and one of the homeless guys tell another to go get a cop. My friend melissa got scared and split back towards old sac along with my friend nick and alex not far behind. My friend Chris josh and I were the only ones left and the homeless started to come after us to hold us till the police arrived.

We had no intention of sticking around for that. So we started walking down the path with one of the bums with a bike trying to cut us off and the others trying to catch us. I ditched the stencil and paint into the river and washed off my hands. We ended up being in a really sketch area with no roads around. We finaly see a road that looks like a freeway on ramp by the I street bridge we take that as our excape and run onto it and totally ditch the bums. We call up our comrads and make a rendezvou point under I5 in the tunnel. My friend says that there are cops down by where we were; talking to the homeless heros :)

We decided there is too many cops in old sac so we changed the gathering point to j street. James bond style we end up in some parking garage and see nick and alex(the guys who split off with melissa) and we walk out onto J. With adrenaline and fear we all walk and start heading towards k street mall to find Melissa. We run into some chill people asking for change. They told us they just got out of jail and want to buy wisky and ciggarettes so we gave them the metal in our pockets and since they were so nice and truthfull we took a picture with them. They were not homeless heros just homeless and lovely and chillen.

pictures by melissa

See its not even that big :(

nick and alexs running away

from left to right: chris me nick and alex

bum couple  fresh out of jail

the cool homeless :D

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  1. That's quite a story. As a teacher I am going to ignore the tagging part and comment on the homeless. I suppose that most people, myself included, would assume that because they are homeless they wouldn't care about something like tagging. But everyone has to feel pride in something, and maybe that area of Old Sac is where they live so they have pride for that area. They may have ruined your time, but there is something to be said about people who want to do the right thing regardless of their lot in life.

    By the way,a story like this is a fine thing to blog about.