Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The class is over

The class in now on its finals days and to be honest i actually ended up liking the class. At first i thought all of the work seemed like to much and i didn't want to do it. The blogs got easier to do and the journals really weren't all that bad. All of the essays were just open enough so that we could write about something we cared about but structured enough so we knew what to do. I liked most of the class activity even though i remained silent through most.

I really learned a lot from the class and i have felt like i have matured in my writing. I don't think it was strictly the essays that made me a better writer i think it was the blogs and the journals. The journals really made me think and was hard at first to make my ideas come out on paper.

I was reading my journal to add some length to some and what i realized was i had some pretty terrible responses. I made weak arguments and it seemed to come from laziness.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This year i am not sure where the family and i are going for vacation. Talks of europe, east coast, mexico and new Zealand has came up. Im down for any but i think i would prefer to go to new Zealand. When my dad was twenty he randomly moved there and started working illegally. He still has friends there and knows Auckland well. I think it would be the best place to go for natural beauty and city.

Europe would also be cool because we would do more than one country. We might go to uk, france and germany. Another thing that would be cool is i would be able to visit my friend brian while he is stationed in Germany. I can stay with him for ten dollars a night so that would be pretty cheap.

im down to go anywhere i just like to go new places