Monday, April 6, 2009

Family events

Over the weekend i have decided that family events like birthdays and reunions are really awkward. Small talk and pretending to care what is going on in other peoples lives is aggravating and weird. There are always clicks of close parts of the family that st next to each other and ignore the people they do not know well. I do not like them at all but i do see reasons to have them. Keeping the family together can be fun and staying in touch with other parts of the family is a nice thing to do.

The whole time at the party me and my cousin just threw the football around and ate. We didn't really talk to anyone. I wish i would have gotten to know people. Its good to know a lot of people for selfish reasons. like if they live in a cool play i could ask to stay for a night or if they are a mechanic they could fix my car for cheap. But i guess that is kinda using them.

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