Thursday, April 23, 2009


When i first moved to Camino from the bay area i hated this place. It was in the boonies and there was nothing to do. walking places was hard because everything was spread out and there was nothing really to walk to. Since i hated this place so much i spent most of my time in sac with friends that i knew that lived there. I would talk so much shit on how this place was such a shitty town and that it was boring.

Now i am realizing this place is full of hidden gems and natural beauty. I have explored this town now and have found reservoirs lakes and other cool places. I have explored the abandon part of the mill finding cool places to take pictured and weird places just to mess around.

I have just come to realized that this places is nice and i can really call it home. Its funny that i only see this now when I am getting ready to leave. Camino has grown on me and now i know that i will miss it once i leave.

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