Sunday, February 15, 2009


The other night i was drving back from Berkley when i got a call from my Dad. He told me their is no way i could make it home. I was already disgusting from not being able to shower when i was staying with friends in the bay and now i was looking at another night of dirtyness. I decided it would be best to stay with my sister in Camerone Park and jsut go to school in the morning from there. I woke up early went to class dirty and tired from a night spent on a couch. Luckly it was a short day because my english class was cancelled even though i was pretty bummed to miss it :). I drive towards home and decide that i am going to try to make it up my hill. Snow is covering my road along with ice and slush. My little 88 volvo was not having it. I turned around and parked at the gas station a half mile from my house. I start walking home and it starts snowing on me, Nervous drivers come close hitting me and i am damp, dirty and tired. It was not a good day.
That night it snows even more and my car is stuck at the gas station. I am stranded. Another day passes more snow but the road is clear. I run to my car and get out of town.

I cannot stand the snow. It chains me to my house making me a prisoner. Yes it is fun to play in but it is really in covinent and my car also dosent like it. I just wish i lived a little further down so that i could viste the snow not live in it.

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  1. I'm sorry you were so bummed to have English class cancelled :o) I promise to never do it again. I can't blame you on the snow. I don't live in it, but I had to drive in it once over the grapevine heading to sourthern California and I will try all I can to avoid driving in it again.