Wednesday, February 4, 2009

no focus

This is my second semester in college and so far it has been...pretty boring. I am taking four classes and almost all of them have reading in text books. One of the things that i never enjoyed was reading text books. I would rather be reading novels. Novels i can actually get into they keep my attention with interesting things happening every page. In my history text book it is dull after dull and i cannnot read it. Halfway down the page I realize that i have no idea what i have just read. I re read and re read hour on end trying to understad what it is trying to say with no avail. It is depressing that most of my homework is involving text books...but i guess i have to get used to that if im going last in college.

I dont know why but i cannot pay attention to anything lately,well, my whole life. I cannot listen to a lecure without day dreaming or doodling. I want to take notes and pay attention but my brain refuses and I have to work even harder when i get home to do well in the class. In my history class today I drew about 8 city blocks full of little buldings, people, cars, stop signs and everything. Some of my notes were earased to allow more room for the street. I dont know how i can put so much effort into something that will benifit me in no way when i have something that will benefit me going on at the same time.

I think i just need to focus more.


  1. i completely agree. i re read almost everything in school and still have no idea what i just read. i absolutely love novels and wish we could read more of them in this class, even. hah i want to see your town drawing. that sounds interesting :)

  2. I would love to read nothing but novels in our class, but I am not allowed to do that. In fact, some administrators believe that no novels should be read in a composition class. However, I get around that by having the class write about the novel. Pretty tricky, eh! Hopefully you will enjoy when we read "Water for Elephants". I haven't known any students to dislike it yet.