Friday, March 27, 2009


Most of my friends goobers. I have a band and my little friend Cam is a huge goober. He took one of our bands stencils and made a shirt and tried selling them. We haven't been to the studio yet so we have no music and we are not playing any shows till the summer. It is cool that he likes us a lot and stuff but its getting really ridiculous.

My friend Dan is another goober. He wheres huge shoes. He gets drunk an turns into a dinosaur and decides to hit everyone. He gets sweaty and touches us... haha its weird. He passes out and wakes up with anything you can think of being done to him like getting cheezebutted.

Even though all of my friends are goobers i think that is why i love them

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What are you talking about Willis?

The sears tower was the tallest building on earth for twenty six years. It is an icon for Chicago and the united states the birth place of the modern skyscraper. Now they are change the name of it to the Willis tower.The reason it is being renamed is for the new tenant that is an insurance broker based in London (yes, one of the great American icons will be named after a foreign company...lovely)They will be occupy most of the building and will have rights to the observation deck.

To me this is really lame. I do not think that the name should be changed and i do not think it can be changed now...well changed but not changed to people. When people think of the sears tower they get the image of the gigantic one hundred and ten story black steel building. It is engraved in my head the beauty and bruteness of the building. I feel that nobody will call it the Willis building yes they can change the name on it but they cannot change how people talk. It is our country tallest building and changing it's name is disrespectful.

But, their is no stopping it now :(

the Willis tower is the name

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