Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The semester is coming to an end

the semester is almost over and it has taken its toll on me. MY anxiety has been really bad and i seem to be sick every other day. Now that it is coming to a close i am pretty excited. I will have my life back. I will be able to do whatever i want when i want. I did enjoy some of the semester but overall it was a lot of work that i wasn't prepared for. Hopefully i will do good in all of my classes. It weird though because the class that i thought was going to be my easy class (portrait drawing) ended up being my hardest and most stressful class. I did not enjoy it at all and that was the whole reason i took the class. to relax and not have to think too hard.

I hope this summer is really good because i need to refresh my mind before next semester.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


When i first moved to Camino from the bay area i hated this place. It was in the boonies and there was nothing to do. walking places was hard because everything was spread out and there was nothing really to walk to. Since i hated this place so much i spent most of my time in sac with friends that i knew that lived there. I would talk so much shit on how this place was such a shitty town and that it was boring.

Now i am realizing this place is full of hidden gems and natural beauty. I have explored this town now and have found reservoirs lakes and other cool places. I have explored the abandon part of the mill finding cool places to take pictured and weird places just to mess around.

I have just come to realized that this places is nice and i can really call it home. Its funny that i only see this now when I am getting ready to leave. Camino has grown on me and now i know that i will miss it once i leave.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So my friend brian left for the air force about a year ago and now he is home for a month. He just graduated school and is a weather guy i guess haha and shes stoked... But anyways, last time he came into town me and all of my friends turned into alcoholics and we all felt really sick after he finally left. This dude is a party monster.

After this he leave for Germany for 2 years so i guess that will give my liver a break.

I dont think i would ever going the military. actually i know i wouldn't. IT cool if other people want to but i really dont think i would last or even want anything to do with it.

but living in another country would be cool

Monday, April 6, 2009

Family events

Over the weekend i have decided that family events like birthdays and reunions are really awkward. Small talk and pretending to care what is going on in other peoples lives is aggravating and weird. There are always clicks of close parts of the family that st next to each other and ignore the people they do not know well. I do not like them at all but i do see reasons to have them. Keeping the family together can be fun and staying in touch with other parts of the family is a nice thing to do.

The whole time at the party me and my cousin just threw the football around and ate. We didn't really talk to anyone. I wish i would have gotten to know people. Its good to know a lot of people for selfish reasons. like if they live in a cool play i could ask to stay for a night or if they are a mechanic they could fix my car for cheap. But i guess that is kinda using them.